Southern Belle…

This pretty little lady was such a joy to work with, as we drove to meet her she greeted us with a car full of props and was fully energized for her pics. “My car looks like a studio!! ” is what she told me and I didn’t believe it till I saw it. She had balloons, flowers, mirrors and so many props to work with just in case we ran out of ideas! lol, This made it all the more exciting to work with and we had a blast! Thanks Lori and thanks to your papa for showing up for the shoot! Here are just a few pics I wanted to share with you all. For more “inspire” looks check out FB page @ IMG_3031 copy
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Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Also known as the Crown Jewel of Duke University, is one of the most beautiful gardens is the USA. People come from all over the world to see it and gardeners love it for it’s many varieties of flowers. My favorite section was the rose garden because of it’s color and beauty.

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