Hoover Dam/ Nevada

This man-made hydropower dam was very impressive to see and the size is unbelievable. The Dam is more than 700 feet high (imagine a 70-story building), As I stood and looked down on it, I got goose bumps thinking of how high I was to this massive amount of water…yikes!

60 thoughts on “Hoover Dam/ Nevada

  1. Impressive sight! And so worth a visit. Also, apparently a dumping ground for bodies… my friend used to work in a casino and when people disappeared they were usually found around there… or that’s at least what she told me….lol.

  2. Incredible pictures for an incredible structure. I read somewhere that it’s going to take 500 years for the concrete to fully cure.

    Great photos and congratulations on being freshly pressed.

  3. Stunning. I watched a show on the building of it last year. Considering the times, it was amazing even measured by today’s standards. and it is around 75 years old!

    1. Yea I guess I could understand why you weren’t completely blown off your feet on your visit to this site, sometimes I was looking around an wondered is that all? this is everything that everyone is talking about and travels miles and miles just to come see? one of the most talked about places I just wanted to see more!. I realize that it wasn’t all about what my eyes had to see but what my ears had to hear about the story behind the Dam, I suggest taking the TOUR and you might just realize that it’s more then you have hoped for it to be. GIve it a second chance and enjoy the smaller things of this great big place.

  4. The pictures depict the massiveness of the dam very well. I knew the Dam was big, but your pictures just gave a wonderful insight into that. Good job!!

  5. I remember leaning over and looking straight down. It was heart-pumping. I see they’ve finished the bridge now. 😀

  6. Look what the Federal Government can do…BUILD…Fabulous bridge; built in record time. Everybody enjoys. 24/7 it was a marvelous build.

  7. Thanks everyone! I really enjoyed this trip to the Dam and I appreciate your comments and getting a little more info on your stories is really interesting! 🙂

  8. That view down the face of the dam gives a much better idea of its size than the long shots ever could. And it makes me dizzy! I really need to add this to my bucket list.

  9. the contrast between the man-made concrete structures, the blasted monumental rock, and the unwaveringly gravitational water is pretty amazing. I’ve always thought that the water seemed like the most resolute of the components, for even though it changes, it will always follow the same rules. the rock has been carved away from what it once was and the concrete structure is an alien graft, but the water will always continue its downward flow… very cool.

  10. Gorgeous pictures. It’s such an amazing thought how small you are when faced with such a huge feat. The engineering is amazing.

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