Vintage inspired Headbands

Hello Ladies, as promised here are our vintage inspired headbands. Designed and hand made by Monica Begazo. She is amazing at what she does..Monica has made beautiful pieces for brides, brides maids and little girls. Now she has designed some pieces just for you.


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  1. Aaron Baxter says:

    Really nice job here, Patty. You would think you’ve been shooting for years.

    1. pgsabby says:

      Learned from the Master.. 😉

    1. pgsabby says:

      que bueno eso es el proposito, estas diademas estan hechas para todas las edades 🙂

  2. Diana Guerero says:

    Lovely! Great shots, head bands and models. No surprise.

    1. pgsabby says:

      Thanks….our number 1# fan! your comments are very much appreciated :), but why is your last name misspelled? jijijijij 😉 love ya

  3. Candy says:

    Absolutely beautiful, shots and headbands are awesome! Great job Patty and the rest of the group.

  4. So beutiful pieces and love your work on the photographs!

  5. The Lilly and Candy, you both came out so pretty!! Patty, great job on the models and the headbands 😉

  6. Devorah says:

    i love the coloring of the pix! did you that after in photoshop?

    1. pgsabby says:

      Hi Devorah, thanks for liking our post. Yes, we like to use photoshop in our editing process. 🙂

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