Totally Hooked

Hats and Scarves crocheted by our very own Arelys, Yep.. since the age of 11 Arelys has learned to read patterns and has crocheted many pieces that have kept us warm through these low temps and at the same time had us looking fabulously cute!

Off the Hook and finished!!! and here are some styles that Arelys herself has modeled for us and made us

Totally Hooked on her!

Thanks Ari!!! πŸ˜‰

6 thoughts on “Totally Hooked

  1. Awesome pictures…GREAT job, again, Patty. With each new photo shoot you show such great creativity, I love viewing each new post. Ari, you are developing into such a talented and beautiful young lady!

  2. Areli what beautiful talent you have. Love the hats and scarves. Pics are awesome!! Pics are so professionally done. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! That’s the Aguilar’s for you.

  3. Totally amazing creations!!!!!! I have such an intelligent beautiful and creative niece:)))!!! Keep up the great work!!!:) gorgeous pics:]]

  4. LOVE the pictures!!!:-) Didnt realize how fast Arelys has grown until we saw these pictures. Thank you for capturing such beautiful memories of Arelys and one of her many talents. Thanks to Abby also for posing with Arelys. Patty you are a great photographer!

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