Waiting for Zuriel Andrik…


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  1. Love the photos… Kids are so big since the last time I saw them!!! 🙂 it’s been so long!

    1. patty says:

      🙂 thanks Paola!

  2. Richard & Debbie Aguilar & Arelys Demi, Ricardo Asahel, Roberto Alfonso "Bobby", & Zuriel Andrik says:

    Well, what can we possibly say that you don’t already know. Patty, you are an AWESOME photographer! We LOVE all the pictures!!! We never took family maternity pictures before, this was a GREAT idea. WOW. Every photo session, your ideas seem to get better and better. Can’t wait for Zuriel Andrik to be born to take his pictures 🙂 THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH, LOVE YOU!!!

  3. Jesus Zapata says:

    Thank you for the pictures and congratulations…(Sal.127:3)

  4. Diana S Flores says:

    Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing them with us.

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