safari adventures…

One of the sweetest little guys I know…Asahel. Just don’t let all his sweetness confuse you cause he is an adventurer and brave, so watch out Indiana Jones and see how he tames every wild animal, from a giant tortoise to the scariest of them all…the bearded dragon!!!!

6 thoughts on “safari adventures…

  1. You are so creative!!! Love these ideas and the photos are awesome! I am enjoying your blog and find it very inspirational! Thank you and look forward to seeing more!

      1. LOL! Yes, my daughter’s boyfriend has one and she says he is temperamental (the bearded dragon of course)! I also LOVED the Superman photos. Just adorable!!!

  2. My gosh!! I LOVE THE PICS!!! so creative and so handsome!!!:)))) I love my nephew!!!! We need to get together!!!:) muah:**

  3. Thanks again Patty, as always your pictures are AWESOME!!! We always enjoy your photo sessions n this one with Asahel was fun. You captured all the things he enjoys: nature, reptiles, crystals. We also appreciate Jason n Brittany for lending us their pets n going with us. Asahel wanted a pet tarantula for pics. I DON’T THINK SO! Thank you x100 great job!

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