safari adventures…

One of the sweetest little guys I know…Asahel. Just don’t let all his sweetness confuse you cause he is an adventurer and brave, so watch out Indiana Jones and see how he tames every wild animal, from a giant tortoise to the scariest of them all…the bearded dragon!!!!


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  1. C & F Photography says:

    You are so creative!!! Love these ideas and the photos are awesome! I am enjoying your blog and find it very inspirational! Thank you and look forward to seeing more!

    1. patty says:

      Thanks so much! I really enjoyed taking these pics even though that bearded dragon was a bit intimidating.. 🙂

      1. C & F Photography says:

        LOL! Yes, my daughter’s boyfriend has one and she says he is temperamental (the bearded dragon of course)! I also LOVED the Superman photos. Just adorable!!!

  2. Roxy Aguilar says:

    My gosh!! I LOVE THE PICS!!! so creative and so handsome!!!:)))) I love my nephew!!!! We need to get together!!!:) muah:**

  3. Richard & Debbie Aguilar & Arelys, Asahel, Bobby, & Baby says:

    Thanks again Patty, as always your pictures are AWESOME!!! We always enjoy your photo sessions n this one with Asahel was fun. You captured all the things he enjoys: nature, reptiles, crystals. We also appreciate Jason n Brittany for lending us their pets n going with us. Asahel wanted a pet tarantula for pics. I DON’T THINK SO! Thank you x100 great job!

    1. patty says:

      Pet tarantula? Hmmmmmm jajajaj. The photographer might not show up. Lol. I enjoyed very much too! 🙂

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