A Beautiful Day…

With the crazy weather we had here lately in Houston, TX.  I couldn’t resist going for a walk in this beautiful, sunny, 70 degrees, perfectly windy day…. So out I went with my little yorkie girl and my camera to visit my favorite park of all times the Sugar land Museum of Natural Science Park.

2014-04-09 14.47.582014-04-09 15.11.49 2014-04-09 15.12.30 2014-04-09 15.18.51 2014-04-09 15.27.31 2014-04-09 15.27.39But of course the one that enjoyed it the most was this little one…

2014-04-09 15.31.10-1See more posts for maternity or family sessions at this park.

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day…

  1. Richard & Debbie Aguilar & Arelys Demi, Ricardo Asahel, Roberto Alfonso "Bobby", & Zuriel Andrik says:

    Love these pics!!!!

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