The Amazing Spider-Man…

The Amazing Spider- Man! aka “Angelito”. His family is the most important thing in his life but when he is not too busy doing his homework and just being goofy then he is taking his spiderman role very seriously. That is why we love him because he is a kid with awesome character and a love for fun!DSC_0022-3

DSC_0072-3 copyDSC_0034-2DSC_0125-3DSC_0155-3DSC_0218-2DSC_0176-3DSC_0222-2DSC_0379-2DSC_0300-2DSC_0361-2DSC_0424DSC_0333-2DSC_0356-2DSC_0446DSC_0586DSC_0600DSC_0619DSC_0521DSC_0615DSC_0550

6 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man…

  1. OMG!, I love all the pics! Patty you did it again. You never seize to amaze me, each photo shoot is better than the last and all are awesome. I love how you got the parents to fully cooperate with the theme. Spiderman’s mom is beautiful and the dad handsome, just like Spiderman’s parents should be!

  2. Siento que tus fotos son mas profesionales además de ejercerlo como un arte sin duda ya tu talento se hace notar admirablemente, estoy muy impresionado, un abrazo…!!!

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