Wildlife photography…

Brazos Bend State Park is probably the closes I want to get to wildlife…yikes x2!. I really enjoyed the walk but being 10 feet away from an alligator was not my idea of fun. I had no idea the different finds of birds living here in Houston, like The Blue Heron thats an interesting bird because of the way it hunts and its adult size is something to see, definitely beautiful.20130601_BBSP_24520130601_BBSP_28220130601_BBSP_229 20130601_BBSP_23520130601_BBSP_252 20130601_BBSP_257 20130601_BBSP_263 20130601_BBSP_265 20130601_BBSP_268 20130601_BBSP_270 20130601_BBSP_276 20130601_BBSP_28120130601_BBSP_284Here alligator, alligator…here. 😉

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