Baby Jazzy…

This Baby Diva has become very special to me. I met her parents when they got engaged and had the awesome privilege to take her mommy’s maternity pics, so you can say I have known her since she was in her mommy’s belly. Now she is 6 months and full of smiles!! It was so easy to photograph her since all she did was smile, she definitely loves the camera.   She is a good reminder to me why I LOVE to work with babies they are the cutest!

-xoxoIMG_0989 copyIMG_0981 copyIMG_0870 copy copy copydp4dp2


5 thoughts on “Baby Jazzy…

  1. OMG! This is my beautiful Great niece…she is soo adorable and I just LOVE how this pics brings out the sweetness, beauty and glow that she has. She is just sheer splendid beauty. I have seen many of babies…even my own but she has captured my heart! Love u Jazzy! Cannot wait to see and play with you hunni!

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