~ Le petit details 

Today I browsed through some vintage violin music books and found these notes. “Romance” was the theme, and how appropriate it was to use it for wedding ring picture. I loved the simplicity and beauty it gave the whole look. Its beautiful how the past can complement the present so nicely. 

Nature’s beauty and the love it shows us. 

Sometimes we think that we have to go to the other side of the world to see amazing views when in fact some of the most beautiful sites we have right here in the states. Lookout mountain in Tennessee took my breath away. I loved its amazing view and it’s darling displays. Here are just…

“A timeless setting”

My best friend and I visted this organic lavender farm today and we were truely mezmerized on how lovely and perfect it is. The scenery was perfect for a relaxing day of picking lavender. The smell of lavender filled the air and made the experience even more beautiful. The surrounding barns range from the late…

~ her Love 

I remember doing her bridal portraits she was as luminous and gorgeous as now. Her gentleness and beauty showed clear in every click. I hope all the best for you and your little family my sweet.  -xoxo