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North Carolina.

October 2018

April’s surprises….

During the month of April and at starting late March these beautiful wild flowers start appearing, and it’s definitely a site to see. The colors are so vibrante you can’t help but to stop on the side of the road and take pictures. As you travel to the Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham you will find these lovelies all over the place. This location is also very beautiful as it has flowers of all sorts and colors for your enjoyment, you definitely want to plan a trip here next year during spring. Oh! And don’t forget to stop by Blue Bell factory on your way out to get your favorite flavor of ice cream!

“A timeless setting”

My best friend and I visted this organic lavender farm today and we were truely mezmerized on how lovely and perfect it is. The scenery was perfect for a relaxing day of picking lavender. The smell of lavender filled the air and made the experience even more beautiful. The surrounding barns range from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s and it gave it that historic feel in a modern time. 

Somewhere in Texas…

Exploring Texas with my cousin we came across many small cotton fields and could not pass it by, so we stopped and took pics of these white puffy and soft cotton fields. Also Texas is known for its cattle and vintagey feel. Yeehaw! 








  Salon de asamblea en Santo Domingo, DR

El salon de Asamblea en Santo Domingo Es uno de los lugares de Asamblea mas bellos que e visitado. Desde los colores de la plataforma hasta el bello árbol de flamboyan que florece a la entrada de este hermoso lugar da gloria a Jehova.  Aquí no hay paredes sino que es a aire libre así se puede disfrutar de la brisita rica que entra en esta isla tropical.