“A timeless setting”

My best friend and I visted this organic lavender farm today and we were truely mezmerized on how lovely and perfect it is. The scenery was perfect for a relaxing day of picking lavender. The smell of lavender filled the air and made the experience even more beautiful. The surrounding barns range from the late…

Bluebonnet season! 

End of March is usually when bluebonnets and several kinds of wild flowers bloom here in Texas. Many go out sightseeing and picture taking 😉 my favorite time of the year!  I Love booking sessions here in this locations, one of my favorite spots!                      


My dearest niece I love you to the bone and I am crazy about you. Hope you always dance your way through life like you do now and take everything with the love and care you were taught. May you never forget your creator.   -xoxo                     

“Happy girls are the prettiest”-Audrey Hepburn 

Miss. Soon-to-be Angie Mills entertain us with this lovely Audrey Hepburn themed Bridal party. There was games, gifts and a load of fun. Love ya! Darlingggg 💋